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    AXIS P1375 Network Camera网络枪式摄像机

    2019-7-17 18:03:16??????点击:
    • AXIS P1375 Network Camera

      Stable, 2 MP surveillance under any circumstances

    • HDTV 1080p at up to 60 fps
    • Lightfinder 2.0
    • Signed firmware and secure boot 
    • Zipstream with support for H.264 and H.265
    • Electronic image stabilization

    A camera you can count on

    Simply put, AXIS P1375 delivers the best video quality possible. It has electronic image stabilization for stabile images despite vibration, as well as barrel distortion correction and defogging functionality to ensure clear, sharp images no matter what. With scene profiles the camera can be automatically optimized to suit specific scenarios so you get great image quality and cost-effective installation. It also has a video streaming indicator making it easy to check that the video is up and running.

    Thanks to corridor format this camera is ideal for monitoring corridors and aisles and ensures the video is perfectly adapted to the monitored area, maximizing image quality while eliminating bandwidth and storage waste. Additionally, with Axis Zipstream and support for H.264 and H.265, you get further savings on storage and bandwidth costs and radically more efficient video compression, while keeping high image quality.

    More light - or less?

    AXIS P1375 delivers excellent HDTV 1080p video quality regardless of the light conditions. It has Axis Lightfinder 2.0 and Axis Forensic WDR for high-quality – color – images even when there are both dark and light areas in the scene. It includes P-Iris for images with better contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field. Additionally, with a CS mount and support for i-CS lenses you can quickly and easily change lens making this camera ideal for various surveillance situations. Use our lens calculator to select a lens that meets your specific needs.

    Keeping you secure

    AXIS P1375 is crammed with advanced security functionality to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your system. Signed firmware and secure boot guarantees that the firmware hasn’t been altered and ensures only authorized firmware is installed. And if needed, secure boot guarantees that the camera is completely free of malware after a factory default.

    For added piece of mind, AXIS P1375 offers shock detection as well as a tampering alarm so you can be informed if there’s any attempts to interfere with the camera, such as blocking or spray painting.

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